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The JOKARI whistleblower system:

Compliance with laws, rules and internal guidelines is extremely important to us at JOKARI. Only if we act in accordance with the law and ethically, do we protect our company, our employees and our customers. The reporting system receives concrete indications of possible misconduct by employees of JOKARI or our suppliers and partners.

Do you have a concern or feedback that concerns a JOKARI product or are you dissatisfied with an action of one of our employees or our suppliers and partners? Then please report it!

Submit reports - but correctly!

It requires the attention and willingness of everyone to report violations of rules by employees of JOKARI based on concrete information. These can be reported confidentially to the reporting system - at any time and in German or English. These include, for example, violations of the code of conduct or competition law, corruption, theft, discrimination or bullying. In addition to employees, customers, suppliers or other third parties can report violations of rules based on concrete information.

Potential violations of the code of conduct for suppliers, including serious risks and human rights and environmental violations by direct and indirect suppliers, can also be reported in our system. This also applies to other reports that require immediate action by the company. The reporting system informs the responsible parties who process the facts accordingly. This includes, in particular, necessary measures to minimize or end violations and/or risks.

All reports are recorded and processed in the certified whistleblower protection portal of our privacy policy and data protection partner GINDAT. After receiving the reports, the JOKARI Whistleblower Team processes them in accordance with all necessary procedural principles (e.g. confidentiality, protection of whistleblowers). To process cases and initiate appropriate investigative measures if necessary, dialogue with the whistleblowers is often necessary. Therefore, it is important that the report is formulated as concretely as possible. It is helpful if you consider the five W questions when making a report:

Who? - Who is it about? Who is affected?

What? - What happened? Description of the facts.

When? - When was the incident?

How? - How often did it happen?

Where? - Where did the incident occur?

Whistleblowers should make sure that the descriptions can also be understood by people who are not familiar with the subject. For this purpose, it is helpful if they are available for further questions. If there is willingness, but anonymity towards JOKARI is to be maintained, the whistleblowers can use the anonymous reporting channels.

In addition to the JOKARI Whistleblower Team, other departments in the company are also involved in processing reports. In the case of justified reports, the JOKARI Whistleblower Team usually commissions the necessary internal investigations to auditing functions (such as auditing or security). The JOKARI Whistleblower Team also works with the legal service and human resources in the clarification and initiates measures if these are necessary.

Protection for all parties involved The reporting system guarantees the greatest possible protection for whistleblowers and those affected. An investigation is only initiated after careful examination of the report and if there are concrete indications of a violation of rules. The information is processed within the framework of a fair and confidential process. Discrimination, intimidation or hostility that occur as a result of a report to the JOKARI reporting system are investigated and punished according to the same process.

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Please make sure that you provide all the required information correctly and precisely. This helps us to process your request efficiently and accurately. All personal data that you enter in our portal are encrypted and stored. This means that your information is protected from unauthorized access and cannot be viewed by anyone who is not authorized to do so. We respect your privacy. The reports and information that you provide are anonymized and treated with strict confidentiality. We will not disclose any personal information about the sender of your report, unless required by law. Your information and reports are treated with strict confidentiality. We do not share this information with third parties, unless this is necessary for processing your request or for legal reasons.

If you have any further questions about data protection or confidentiality, please do not hesitate to contact our data protection coordinator or officer.

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